QUARTZ watches

A quartz watch movement is an electronic movement. As its name implies, it works by using a vibrating mineral called quartz.  Since each watch requires something stable for the measurement against time, scientists have discovered that when electricity flows through a quartz crystal, oscillates at a constant frequency. This is why quartz watches are known for their astonishing accuracy. They are battery operated and can be found with additional functions such as compasses, timers and electric lighting. As quartz movements are based on electricity and on fewer components, they are absolutely precise and very durable.

Automatic Mechanism

Automatic watches are similar to mechanical watches, as their mechanism is based on a central spring. However, they do not require manual tuning, as physical movement is what tune them. The way it is tuned on its own is thanks to a small weight, the rotor, which moves with the movement of the hand. Furthermore, automatic watches have a non-slip that prevents the watch from tuning too much. Automatic watches follow the same remarkable expertise and diligence as the mechanical ones, but they are sensitive and in time they will need service and tuning, if the are not worn often.