How are the products shipped?

The delivery of the products is done with the courier service, Door to Door (elta courier).

How long does it take for the products to be shipped?

Orders are shipped within 2-3 days. In case of delay, you will be informed about the indicative delivery date.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipment of the products is not charged with shipping costs, regardless of the amount and method of payment.

Payment methods

What are the payment methods?

The payment for your orders can be made in the following ways:

Pay on delivery
Payment is made in cash to the courier company employee.

Bank transfer
The buyer is given the opportunity to make his purchases by money transfer – deposit in the following bank accounts:


IBAN: GR 94 0140 3100 3100 0232 0001 721


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 310 00 2320001721


IBAN: GR 8601102010000020147018798


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 201/ 470187-98

The name of the buyer or the order number must be indicated on the depositor details. The proof of deposit is then sent to the e-mail

Credit card
Credit card purchases are made subject to its legal use. The cards that are accepted by the cooperating banks EUROBANK and ALPHABANK are: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners as well as the use of Masterpass e-wallet.

How do I return a product?

The buyer has the right to return unjustifiably and for any reason the product purchased and delivered within 10 days from the date of receipt by written notification of his request to the company at the email

Returns / Changes

What are the terms of returning / changing a product?

The return / change of products is subject to the terms of the legal article 2251/1994, as detailed below:

  1. The product must be returned within 10 days from the date of receipt.
  2. The product packaging must be in its original condition.
  3. The returned product must not have been used or damaged.
  4. Return costs are paid by the customer, except of the case that real defects are detected.
  5. In case, that the product to be returned is received by our company without prior consultation for the charge of the shipping costs, these costs are deducted from the amount to be returned.
  6. The buyer must place in the package all the documents required by law, in order to be able to cancel the specific purchace.

In the case that the above conditions are not met, the product will not be received by the Company and will be returned to the sender, at his expense.

What happens after the return of a product?

Upon the return of the product and its receipt by the competent service department, our company undertakes to replace the product with another similar and new one, in case the original has proved to be defective (replacement). In any other case, it credits the buyer’s personal account on the website with the amount initially paid. It is then possible to use the credited price to purchase another product, to their liking and choice.

If the new product has a higher price than the returned one, then the buyer has to proceed with a new payment process to pay the difference. However, if the new product has a lower value than the returned one, then our company credits the buyer the difference according to the above.

In case of the replacement of the product (with another same or different) is not the choice of the buyer, for any reason, the amount spent for the canceled purchase may be refunded. The way of its return is determined in consultation with the competent department and includes all the possibilities (deposit in a bank account, cash, credit).

In which cases it is not possible to return / change a product?

All products available from the company at special discount prices (offers) can be excluded from the possibility of unjustified withdrawal / return, except of course in the case of defective products. In these cases, the products belong to the subcategory Offers / Sales, while their exclusion from the right of unjustified return is clearly stated in the specific terms that frame their disposal.